The Gods are growing weak. Waning faith is their poison. Xhefaria is a weak and crippled world. Wars and political feuds are rampant. Mortals are achieving strength and power that rival the Gods. There are those who seek to take advantage of the world in it's vulnerable state. Xhefaria is for the taking, and it'll go to the highest bidder.


The Long Shadows of Brightstone is a campaign that has been coming and going for several years now. The PC party has been very… colorful. The main character group consists of a few genasi, an Orog (deep orc), a Fey-ri (half demon/elf), and some other out-of-the-ordinary race/class combinations.



*In this campaign site, you'll find that i've tapped several resources for bio pics and other art i've found. I have the utmost respect for the artist's work and use it here in a purely not-for-profit fashion (obviously). If anyone feels that i'm using their art in this site unfairly, let me know and I will not hesitate to take it down. Thanks.



The Long Shadows of Brightstone

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