Kingdom of Wingard

The Kingdom of Wingard is racially diverse and yet all (most) swear their allegiance to the great  King Arrum Wingard

The Wingard family has ruled over these lands for generations. The lands were once part of the  Goth-Ra Empire, a sun worshiping land of humans. How such a great empire fell so fast and so hard, nobody really knows anymore. Historians can argue several different scenarios, but most believe it was caused by a union of Orcs, Goblins, Giants and other evil creatures.

After the fall of the Goth-Ra empire, the lands were chaotic. The humans, elves, and dwarves all retreated to their own respective safe-havens. The dwarves went into the mountains, the elves into the forests, and the humans moved north and built a mighty Keep to aid in the defense against the hoards.  In this Keep is when they crowned the first Wingard king. A man that had no equal in combat and leadership skills. A man who joined the races of elves, dwarves, and man to rise up against the hoards and defeated them. 

The Orcs, divided and leaderless, were pushed into the wastelands and mountains of Wingard. After the war, the races united under the Wingard family name and the Kingdom of Wingard was officially created.

 Some of the more noteworthy cities include:


Some geographical locations are:


Kingdom of Wingard

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