Trome Titæn

Ubër-archer supreme!


Trome's first memories are some of the fondest he has: learning the ways of the ranger from his father, Flint Titaen.  His father carried with him a consuming sadness, and often he was more likely to find the bottom of a bottle than a set of tracks in the snow, but he cared for Trome and took great pains to instill in Trome the virtues that rangers live by.  He also taught Trome how to shoot a bow, and it was in this that Trome found his calling.  He never knew his mother, and his father never spoke of her.

Unfortunately, when Trome was 13 his father was killed and his only ties to the world were dissolved.  For years, Trome wandered.  He did his best to help those who found themselves preyed upon by the evil men of the world.  Everywhere Trome traveled, he would seek out those rangers who could teach him their arts and he would gain every secret from them that they would part with.  His skills in tracking and surviving in the wild have become so fantastic, it is said he can thrive on any soil, weather any storm, or even track raven's flight under the new moon.  The truth is not far off.

As astounding as his ranger skills are, it is his ability with a bow that can make lessor gods take careful notice.  He can draw and fire in the blink of an eye.  His massive hands move with unbelievable grace when he holds an arrow and his bow (in fact he is unnaturally agile for a person of his size).  No target is seemingly out of range for his arrows, and any who believe they can gain an advantage by engaging him in melee combat swiftly learn that this archer is even more deadly at close range.

Alas, like all men, Trome is not the paragon of goodness that most of the tales make him out to be.  His skills have made him somewhat arrogant and his has long been a sin of pride.  He does little to stem the rumors about his exploits that are passed, regardless how absurd.  His appetite for the finest pipe-weed is also a well known fact.

Currently, Trome is allied with a band of mercenaries with more than questionable motives.  He does his best to be the group's moral compass, but his lust for fame and glory often cloud his judgement…

Trome Titæn

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