• Bluutsvillvart


    This ancient and evil Black Dragon was recently awoken from a magical slumber. It was forced into a coma-like state many years ago to prevent it from unleashing chaos onto the Kingdom of Wingard. Awake now, it seeks only to destroy.
  • Brother Michael

    Brother Michael

    Once a simple paladin, now the avatar of his god. Brother Michael is on a crusade to destroy the people of Malinaris-teth and the denizens of Brightstone.
  • Cash


    Once assisted a powerful druid protect her grove and the powerful god given relics that resided within. She continues her life's work protecting Trome Titaen, her new master, and the same relics he now possesses.
  • Crog Bonecrusher

    Crog Bonecrusher

    A paragon of brutality. Crog is the strongest name-giving humanoid in all of Xhefaria, and with a combat style so wild and ferocious, most gods would make a wide birth at his approach.
  • Cyrus


    This Tiefling seems to be shrouded in a constant cloud of mystery and mischievousness. As a sorcerer by nature a Priest of Nerul (death), Cyrus has more than a few tricks up his sleeves.
  • Garianna


    This Fey'ri, whom often takes the form of a High Elf, is one of the most powerful Sorceresses in the land. An ancient and wicked form of arcane power flows through her veins.
  • Illikan


    A martial arts master. This Goliath has become one of Wingards most treasured protectors.
  • King Arrum Wingard

    King Arrum Wingard

    Arrum is from a long ancestral line of Kings. He's mastered the relationships with the other political leaders in his kingdom and is loved by his people.
  • Lance


    This bard helps lead the forces of Wingard. He usually works directly under King Wingard.
  • Larizha


    Unbiased by religious belief, this powerful woman channels pure energy to heal her allies. Larizha works within the royal court of Wingard.
  • Larsuvious


    High Priest of Tiamat. Sided with Lord Darkblade to crush the mighty kingdom of Wingard.
  • Lord Darkblade

    Lord Darkblade

    A warlord empowered by Gruumsh. This Orc united hundreds of clans of orcs, goblinoids, and giants together to wage war against the good people of Wingard. He fights alongside Larsuvious, the evil priest if Tiamat.
  • Lurtz


    The leader of a small band of warriors that fight in the name of Hextor. Other than his god, Lurtz is loyal only to Sylvanoran.
  • Oin


    A wildly mysterious and powerful wizard. A pillar of arcane mastery. Ruler of Brightstone and to all those who are associated with it.
  • Pelinos


    Pelinos the Conjurer, Highlord Archmage of Goth-Ra.
  • Piqwet


    Alchemist, artificer, engineer extraordinaire. Piqwet used to live in a tower north of Brightstone keep, in the mountains. He now offers his services up to Oin at the keep.
  • Riker


    Second in command of the Marikest based team of rangers, the "Wolf Pack". Answers only to Trome Titaen.
  • Rin


    A dark and deadly martial artist. Answers only to Oin, for he is his one true master.
  • Sig


    Leader of the "Birds of Prey" assassin's guild.
  • Taylock


    A Demon assassin under contract with Oin. He's the father to Cyrus and Tuqorbo.
  • Tuqorbo


    A once apprentice to Oin. Tuqorbo was killed by the Riders of Brightstone while he was under a guise to appear as Cyrus.
  • Vactus


    A Malinari leader chosen to retrieve fragments of his world that accidentally crash landed on Xhefaria.