The Long Shadows of Brightstone

Gruumsh's Chosen One

Garianna, Trome Titæn, Isidro, Narthus, and Sylvanoran stood several hundred yards away from what was known throughout the Kingdom of Wingard as the Bazaar. This gigantic domelike structure used to house tradesman and craftsman from all over the world. Great shows of skill and magic were seen daily. A place of wonder indeed.

On this particular day however, the Bazaar was filled with Orcs. Hundreds of Orcs. Lord Darkblade's chosen regime of his finest warriors. The Riders of Brightstone stood on the East side of the huge dome, the same side as Wingard's strike force. The West side of the dome was a horde of Orcs screaming Gruumsh war chants. As Wingard's forces moved in on the Bazaar they split down the middle and headed north and south around the dome. The Orcs heading from the West did the same. Metal clashed and sounds of death rang out from the battle.

All sides of the Bazaar were covered in Orcs and battle… Except the East side. Wingardian Knights, under the order of Prince Thaynin, protected the east entrance of the Bazaar. Thaynin told the RoB that he'd give them a clear path into the dome. 

With the aid of sort of flight spell, Cyrus swept down and greeted the RoB. After a short discussion, everyone agreed on an attack plan.

  • Trome, Isidro, and Sylvanoran would head straight into the Bazaar and seek out Darkblade directly.
  • Narthus, Cyrus, Garianna, and the Fey'ri would fly up on top of the Bazaar and strike from above when needed
  • Piqwet was to stay back and wait for any instruction from Sylvanoran
  •  Nobody cared… but Lance told everyone that he'd be protecting Prince Thaynin.
  • Larizha, seeming very grateful for RoB's assistance, says she'll head into the Bazaar and provide aid to anyone who needs it.

So, in they went. A wall of Wingardian Knights creating an open path for Trome, Isidro, Sylvanoran, and behind them, Larizha. Inside the Bazaar was… Intimidating. Two hundred orcs greeted the warriors by banging their weapons against their sheilds and screaming death threats. But they did not attack. Straight ahead, on the opposite end of the gigantic dome, stood one of the largest Orcs the RoB has ever seen. Covered head to toe in demonic plate mail and wielding an oversized bastard sword, Lord Darkblade was an impressive sight.

One hundred orcs to his right, and one hundred orcs to his left. His forces made a wall of ugly around him except for a ten for opening, an invitation for somebody to try to take him on. Sylvanoran warned Trome and Isidro of the two shaman standing behind darkblade. "Expect him to be protected and healed by those two." he hissed. As he spoke the shaman conjured up a circle of gusting wind. A forty foot diameter of protective wind spun around Darkblade. The wind pushed his men back a few steps. 

Trome cursed under his breath. His arrows won't be very effective shooting through the windwall. Isidro picked up his step, moving in on Darkblade who was still, what seemed, to be a few hundred feet away. "Back me up, I want to take him first." Isidro instructed. So they all ran forward up until they met the wind wall. They stopped and re-evaluated the situation.

One hundred orcs on either side of them. They were so close, the orcs were spitting at their feet. Ahead was a forty foot diameter clearing where Darkblade stood in the center, and behind him were his two shaman protectors. Isidro drew his blades (Adujar's Blade of Demise and Adujar's Blade of Defiance.) Sylvanoran stood confidently, his hands aglow with raw arcana. Trome had his bow out with four arrows nocked at one time… Larizha stood behind, looking out of place.

Isidro darted in, running straight for the giant Orc. Sylvanoran and Trome placed one step through the windwall and both targeted the same shaman. Isidro was a blur, his speed seemed to catch Darkblade offguard. Just before he struck, Isidro actitated the power within his bracers making his attacks impossible to read. He unleashed a quick flurry of deadly attacks onto Darkblade that all ended in the pinging of his armor. Isidro was stopped short so fast that he staggered back trying to recover his momentum. Darkblade reacted faster than Isidro imagined he could. Before the Genasi assassin realized it, Darkblade had his giant sword crushing down over Isidro's head! Just then, the assassin's magical animated shield whirred into action and placed itself between Isidro's face and Darkblade's adamantine bastard sword. BOOM! Sparks, flame, and metal exploded over Isidro's head as he deftly tumbled backwards ten feet or so, avoiding the rest of Darkblade's unstoppable strike.

Isidro's attacks had failed against Darkblade's magical armor and his shield was completely destroyed. Isidro cursed out the Orc as Trome jumped forward unleashing his one shot volley of arrows into one of the shaman's stomach. The orc roared in pain and stumbled back, the attack was almost to much. The shaman looked as if it was going to heal it's new wound when Sylvanoran unleashed a devastating blast of energy into the shaman's face. The Orc toppled over onto the ground in a smoldering mess.

The Orcs surrounding the fight roared with disagreement. The 3 took that small gain stoically. Darkblade rushed forth with amazing speed and power. His quick jabs and swings were blocked by Isidro, but the force of the attack threw the assassin right out of the circle and into a pile of screaming orcs. Trome danced around  Darkblade and readied four more arrows and fired. All but one were completely deflected by his armor and the one that got through barely made a scratch. Sylvanoran knew that physical attack would not best this beast. He summoned up the best of his dark energies and unleashed it all onto Darkblade's back. The giant orc roared in anger, not in pain, as he was almost thrown to the ground from the incredible blast. 

Armor smoldering from the attack he rushed Sylvanoran and swung high cutting downward. Sylvanoran couldn't dodge the attack so but he slowed it by blocking the strike with his out reached demonic arm. The blade drove deeply into the powerful demon arm. Sylvanoran's knees buckled under the force of the attack. The warlock grabbed the blade with his hand and tried to force the blade away from him. Darkblade freed up one of his hands off of his sword and back handed Sylvanoran up along the side of his head. Bleeding badly from his arm, and almost thrown unconcious from the punch he fell to the ground. 

Isidro burst forth from the crowd of orcs in a flurry of strikes and swings that left several dead behind him. Keeping his momentum he ran towards Darkblade, who was still standing over Sylvanorans body. Isidro ran, jumped up and landed on the giant orc's back, finding placement for his feet in the notches and crevaces in the orc's armor. He spun is two swords upside down and drove them into the back of Darkblade's neck. KLANG! The oversized demon helm deflected almost all of the attack. Darkblade angrily shook the assassin off of his back, spun around with a following 2-handed strike with his bastard sword. Before Isidro's feet even hit the ground, Darkblade's sword found a home in the side of the rogue's chest toppling him end over end onto the ground near the edge of the circle. 

Trome saw his two allies in a heap… Darkblade stared him down. That is until Larizha ran into the circle straight towards Isidro. Her arms were outstretched already glowing with mystical healing magic. Darkblade lept, lunging his blade straight out towards her chest. The attack would have skewered her easily if Trome wouldn't have knocked 4 arrows into the orc's hand that was holding the sword. The attack caused the sword to miss it's mark by just a hair.  Larizha was not skewered, but Darkblade did manage use his clawed gauntlets to tear into her back causing her to crash down onto the ground next to Isidro. As she screamed in pain, Trome could tell that Darkblade was smiling behind that Demon Helm.

Just then, from what seemed to be, out of nowhere came a giant of a man crashing his fist right into the side of Darkblade's head. The lightning fast strike and with the force of resounding thunder completely levels Darkblade out. Darkblade fell onto his side, his helmet crushed and broken rolled on the ground away from him. Bleeding from the mouth, Darkblade sprang back to his feet to meet his new attacker.

Standing over seven feet tall, dressed only in wraps, was a Goliath. This huge man seemed to be carved from stone. His body has met with perfection. Every inch of him was a finely tuned weapon. He stood and stared down Darkblade with total confidence and concentration. "His armor is broken. Now he'll bleed." was all that Illikan said.

Sylvanoran pulled himself to his feet. 

Larizha began to heal Isidro.

Trome smiled and raised his bow.




Oh, snap!!! That is some awesome shit, sir! Darkblade is ‘bout to know what flexin’ nuts is all about!!

Gruumsh's Chosen One

Also, someone needs to say “Choose this” with the killing blow!

Gruumsh's Chosen One

Very nice! we did get our asses beat a bit…oh well, RoB will take his ass down soon enough :P

Gruumsh's Chosen One

I see my monk finally made his return that we had talked about ages ago… .delish!

Gruumsh's Chosen One

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