The Long Shadows of Brightstone

Darkblade's True Fate

Garianna and Cyrus hovered hundreds of feet above the battlefield, catching their breath after summoning a small army of demons, they watched the chaos blossom below.  Prince Thaynin’s forces have now completely spilled all around the Bazaar, fully locked in battle with Lord Darkblade’s army.
Trome Titæn kept a close watch over Larizha as she was doing everything she could to keep Illikan alive after he was skewered by Darkblade’s giant sword. The Orcs had their hands full with the variety of flying and scurrying demons about, but every now and then one would make its way over and think that Larizha would be an easy target. Those Orcs were quickly dispatched by Trome. “We… uh, we should probably get out of this dome. It’s not safe here…” said Trome as he dropped another frenzied Orc warrior. But Larizha ignored him, sweat dripping down her face; she was focused and determined. After a pause, Trome just sighed and stood his ground.

The ground shook. There was a great commotion outside of the Bazaar, near where Lord Darkblade had exited the dome. What sounded like an explosion took the attention of most of the people within the Bazaar… except for the demons which continued to assault the Orcs.

Cyrus and Garianna watched the whole thing unfold from high above. On the West side of the Bazaar (where all of Darkblade’s army is located) a large explosion of earth and stone erupted leaving a gaping hole in the ground. As the dust settled it appeared as if the ground had exploded from underground as there appeared to be a tunnel leading down. Moments later, pouring out of the tunnel were monstrous lizards and riding them were heavily armored warriors.

Sporting heavy adamantine plate mail from head to toe, wielding matching halberds, these warriors were mounted upon gigantic lizards. The war beasts were over fifteen feet long and were armored with a carapace-like back plate that protected most of their body. Long tails ended with a deadly spiked bony club that quickly went into action as the warriors guided the beasts into crowds of Orc. The unknown warriors fought with amazing skill and strategy, swipes with the halberds felling multiple Orc at a time. The beasts were trained to defend the warrior’s weak points and used its deadly tail to swat away oncoming attackers.

Two dozen of these mounted warriors poured out from the tunnel immediately clearing out an area. Within moments, nearby Orc backed off, giving them the space they seemed to be demanding. A circle was now cleared around the tunnel and a perimeter established where no Orc dared to cross. The mounted warriors sat still, the beasts stirred and snorted. Emerging from the tunnel came more armored warriors. In unison, rows of three, the large black armored soldiers marched their way up into the clearing and filed into ranks.

Meanwhile, Isidro was making his way over to where Trome was standing his ground. The archer’s eyes were fixed on Darkblade’s back as he walked out of the Bazaar towards the new mysterious warriors. “These new guys seem nice… I hope they’re on our side.” Said Isidro to the distracted ranger. After the ranger failed to respond, “Maybe you should scope things out, see if we need to intervene…” Isidro continued. Trome just turned towards Isdiro, looked at him quizzically for a moment, nodded his head, knocked an arrow, and jogged over in the direction of all the new commotion.

Sylvanoran, noticing Trome and Isidro through the crowd, made his way over towards them. His entourage of undead Orc did an excellent job of keeping anything from disturbing him on his path. The warlock watched as Trome left Isidro alone to guard Larizha and Illikan… A grin appeared on his face behind the mask.

The assassin stood over Larizha looking down at her while she worked tirelessly to save her good friend. Isidro’s mission was clear, he could avoid these messy engagements and still complete it. But Sig’s advice was sound, he could have nothing get in the way of his objective.

Larizha’s eyes went wide. Her last breath gurgled through her now opened throat. With a lasting look of disappointment on her face, she slumped over on top of Illikan’s body. “That didn’t take long. You don’t waste any time do you?” said Sylvanoran as he crept up behind Isidro as the assassin stared down at the dead and dying couple.

“It was just good timing I guess, besides, if she would have succeeded in healing this guy, we would’ve been in trouble had he caught on to what I’m planning.” The assassin said heartlessly. Sylvanoran just nodded his head; the rogue’s reasons were sound enough. “What worries me, Isidro, is what are you going to do if Trome finds out? Hm?” said Sylvanoran. Isidro just smiled, “I thought maybe you could give me a hand with that…”

With a wave of the warlock’s hand, the flesh of the healer and the monk was destroyed and gone. Within another moment the two, the skeletons climbed to their feet and were standing in front of Sylvanoran waiting for a command. Isidro just laughed and began jogging over to catch up to Trome. The warlock commanded his newest undead friends to join the rest of his dead entourage, and told them all too wildly attack any and all Orcs they could find. (He was tired of babysitting zombies anyways).

The area around the west entrance of the Bazaar was silent and still. The mounted warriors had created a perimeter around the tunnel and the armored troops had finished marching and stood still.

Lord Darkblade stomped over and through the barricade. Nobody tried to stop him. The huge Orc completely ignored the armored warriors and kept his gaze on the ominous tunnel. “WHO DARE CHALLENGE GRUUMSH!? Come weakling, show yourself. Come out of hiding and face me!” Darkblade roared towards the giant tunnel as he walked towards it. Like a flash of lightning followed by a thunderous crash, Darkblade was struck in the chest with an explosive force. The huge Orc stumbled backwards almost falling, the chestplate on his armor was cracked and caved inwards. At his feet was an eight inch diameter sphere of adamantine.

“That was for your ridiculous introduction, Darkblade.” Said a giant armored figure making his way up from the tunnel. The dense sphere of metal magically disappeared from in front of Darkblade and re-appeared in the figure’s hand. Wasting no time, he launched the huge adamantine bullet from his arm like a canon. Darkblade motioned to dodge but was too slow, the strike landed true. The massive bullet crashed into Darkblade’s hand, shattering it and throwing his giant sword flying through the air. “And that was for your foolish request to challenge the likes of Crog Bonecrusher!

Crog continued walking towards Darkblade, his magical orcish shotput returned back to his hand, and then vanished. Replacing it was an enormous double ended, doubled bladed battle axe. Spanning almost seven feet in length, this adamantine weapon of destruction carried an awesome aura of power around it. As Darkblade watched and waited for Crog to get to him, he jerked, pulled, and twisted his broken hand back into place.

Crog stood face to face with Darkblade, the two stared one another down. Crog stuck his massive axe into the ground and left it. “You hold no right to carry the glorious name of Gruumsh. You’re pathetic.” Said Crog as he pointed his gauntleted finger in Darkblade’s face.

“Gruumsh chose me you fool! Him and I are one! He gave me all of his power, now prepare to suffer from it!” Darkblade roared as he threw his fist into Crog’s face. The impact sounded devastating, Crog didn’t even try to dodge the strike as it crushed into the side of his head. He staggered a bit from the heavy blow, but seemed otherwise unaffected by it. Crog regained his composure and snapped his giant hand around Darkblade’s throat and lifted him off the ground before he could even react to the attack.

With his face contorted with anger Crog yelled “Gruumsh merely nodded in your direction. His power is mine! Now quit squirming and feel his wrath!” Darkblade had both of his hands over Crog’s one arm, trying to pry himself loose. But he was caught in a godly vice that no living mortal could break.

Crog raised Darkblade high off of the ground with one arm, high enough that everyone could witness his awesome strength. Gritting his teeth, Crog struck Darkblade in the face, and snapped his hand back just as fast tearing Darkblade’s jaw out of his head. While he raised his bloody trophy for all to see, Darkblade’s hands let go of the imprisoning arm and went limp. The black armored warriors cheered in Crog’s victory. Slowly, Crog set Darkblade down on his feet. Blood pouring down his body, somehow the Orc warlord found strength to stand.

Dropping the jaw on the ground, Crog prepared his killing blow. He outstretched his hand and steadied Darkblade’s swaying head, then followed with an explosive uppercut. One fluid uppercut that would have normally struck where Darkblade’s jaw was, but instead, Crog’s fist struck the inside of the skull, severing it from the rest of the warlord’s body.

There standing in the middle of the battlefield was Crog Bonecrusher with his arm stretched high, holding the head of Lord Darkblade.


hot damn thats some good readin, I like my awesome skills at getting trome to leavev uhh… you should uhh go there or something haha

Darkblade's True Fate

GO Crog!!! “Gruumsh merely nodded in your direction” – So awesome!

Darkblade's True Fate

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