The Long Shadows of Brightstone

... Of Giant Proportions



The Riders of Brightstone assembled at RehTael Keep. It was there they all met up with Cyrus. He had returned to Cyan.

After asking everyone for an audience, Cyrus continued to explain why he had returned from his "leave of absence". He went on to tell the adventurers about the war that is waging in The Kingdom of Wingard. He explained that Lord Darkblade's forces are overwhelming Castle Wingard. It won't be long until Wingard becomes a nation of Orc and Giant if they do not intervene. Some scoffed at the idea of swinging in and saving some country they have no relation to, but everyone kept an open ear.

Cyrus proposed that they combine their forces and assault Darkblade's present base of operations, in turn, crippling the warlords momentum. He explained that the city of Lockton has been completely overrun and completely militarized by Orcs and Giants. That is where Darkblade is controlling all his army's actions. 

 Nobody seemed convinced.

The tiefling continued to explain that he had been tasked by someone (he could not disclose their identity) to end this war and by doing so this person would reward Cyrus with an item of great power.

It wasn't until Cyrus said that this item of power could be used to destroy the Angels of Heironeous and  Brother Michael, did they start to pay attention. So:

  1. End the war: which meant to Kill  Lord Darkblade and Larsuvious
  2. Cyrus is rewarded with "mysterious item of power"
  3. Item of power is used to destroy Brother Michael
  4. Trome Titæn can then, with the angels out of the way, open up the room that holds the key to his destiny.

After everyone agreed to help, Cyrus went on to explain what they had to do.

A small elite attack force was sent by  King Arrum Wingard in a last ditch effort to try and kill Darkblade. At the time, the force was just east of Lockton, unable to press their attack. The only way into Lockton at this point was completely barricaded and armed with Cloud Giants and Orcs manning catapaults.  There was no way Wingards forces could pass this defense with the small numbers they brought.

Cyrus proposed that they teleport inside of the city and destroy Darkblade's defense from the inside, and after the barricade is down, they will let Wingard's forces through. And then they'll have a clear shot at Lord Darkblade.

 The next day Piqwet used his magic to teleport  Sylvanoran, Cyrus, Garianna, Trome Titæn, Narthus, Isidro, and twelve Fey'ri sorcerers to Lockton. Piqwet managed to transport them inside an Inn that was right next to the barricade and the Giants.

Garianna and her Fey'ri secured the building and went to wait in the basement of Inn until an opportunity arose for them to strike. Piqwet followed the Fey'ri, he was their ticket out of here if things went sour. That left Narthus, Trome, Sylvanoran, and Isidro to assault the defense barricade. 

The Inn was practically surrounded by Orcs and Giants. Isidro and Sylvanoran took the front entrance, Narthus and Trome took the back.

Casting invisibility spells, Isidro and Sylvanoran casually walked out the front door onto a street filled with Cloud Giants and fully armored Orcs that acted as Darkblades personal guard. Sylvanoran began the fight by trapping a handfull of orcs in a field of necrotic tentacles that began to pummel and tear the warriors apart. Isidro deciding to keep his distance from the Cloud Giants for now, used his bow to rain a few sneak attacks down on some unsuspecting Orcs.

Meanwhile, Trome crept around a corner to see a couple of 17' tall Mountain trolls and keeping the trolls in check were half a dozen of the armored Orcs. Trome opened up a constant volley of arrows that dropped both trolls in a matter of a few moments. The orc handlers charged furiously towards Trome but they were ended quickly by Narthus' halberd. Volley after volley, Trome was thinning the ranks. Narthus kept himself busy by keeping the Orcs off of Trome.

An Orc Shaman put an end to Isidro and Sylvanoran's unseen killing spree by disenchanting  their invisibility spells. Now that the Cloud Giants could see who was attacking them, they began to swarm the two. But as soon as the Cloud Giants got too close to Isidro, they seemed to die. The assassin's blades went to work on the thick skin of the Giant's bellies and made short work of them. Sylvanoran let loose a few overpowerd blasts of dark arcana to slow the charge. As soon as the first Giant fell, The warlock used his dark powers and animated it to fight against it's allies. 

The RoB continued to wage battle against Darkblade's finest warriors. As soon as the ranks were thin enough Garianna and her Fey'ri emerged to begin their magical assault. Fireballs and Acid storms filled the air around the Orcs and they're catapaults. They were dead and destroyed in seconds. By this time most of the Cloud Giants had beem slain. Garianna took the last two giants out with a Prismatic Eye spell.

The giants were dead, the catapaults aflame, and the barricade destroyed. The Wingard forces began to move into the city. The Riders of Brightstone met up with two grateful Wingardians (Lance and Larizha). One of which offered to heal the entire party. A temporary alliance with the Wingard forces was then created.

With the Wingard forces invading Lockton, there would be a clear path for the RoB to move in and attack Darkblade. They just needed to find him. Cyrus split off from the group awhile back to try and locate the Warlord so the next plan of action would be to meet up with Cyrus…

NEXT: Battle at the Bazaar.


I like how you left out the parts where we (me in particular) almost got crushed to death by could giants. It makes us all seem so much more badass.

... Of Giant Proportions

That’s the main idea, make you guys look as bad ass as possible… even when getting pummeled.

... Of Giant Proportions

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